Rotterdam is the second largest city of the Netherlands, home to 650 000 citizens and a booming industry, knowledge institutes and port employing more than 12 000 people. The present challenge is to maintain and improve liveability in the face of defining developments like climate change. Rotterdam focuses on the energy transition as the most important key to a sustainable and safe future for its citizens.

The city’s ambition for the next four years is to bring currently rising CO2 emissions on a trajectory towards halving emissions in 2030 and climate neutrality in 2050.

Dutch municipalities are to develop ‘heat transition visions’ by the end of 2021, involving stakeholders and showing how natural gas will be phased out, and which districts will be ready to start before the year 2030. Rotterdam hence prepares for the transformation of at least 10 000 buildings from gas to other heating solutions (or be prepared for it) by 2022. The outcomes of Decarb City Pipes 2050 will form the basis of the heat vision and other cities in the consortium will benefit from the process knowledge generated in Rotterdam.



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