Codema is Dublin’s energy agency and aims to accelerate Dublin’s low-carbon transition through innovative, local-level energy and climate change research, planning, engagement and project delivery, in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and improve the lives of citizens.

Codema aims to achieve this by:

  • Working with the four Dublin Local Authorities to reduce their energy use (50%) and emissions (40%) by 2030 and support the local authorities in leading and influencing the low-carbon transition
  • Making innovative energy projects mainstream with wide-scale impact
  • Influencing national and European policy through their on-the-ground knowledge of best practice models in Europe
  • Supporting networks of communities in developing a low-carbon energy model
  • Identifying and championing best-practice, low-carbon transport and building solutions

The majority of buildings in Dublin use gas-fired heating and currently, the heating sector has a very low penetration of renewable energy. There is an agreement that more bottom-up effort is required, but municipalities in Ireland have a very low level of autonomy in trying to find paths through their limited remit to influence the use of energy and emissions in their regions. With Decarb City Pipes 2050, Dublin wants to learn from more cities with experience in this sector, as well as exchanging experiences with cities such as Bilbao who also have experience setting up new district heating and cooling networks. More importantly, Dublin intends to create effective leadership, policy and buy-in to the low-carbon heating and cooling transition needed to overcome barriers to the roll-out of other alternatives to gas grids, in coordination with local, regional and national level stakeholders and with buy-in and support from citizens.



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