Bratislava is Slovakia’s cultural and economic centre, with a population of 420 000 inhabitants plus ca. 200 000 daily commuters. The city is a signatory of the Covenant of Mayors and has a strong commitment to a sustainable city development and urban planning, resilience to climate change and energy efficiency. Recent city strategies focus primarily on smart city solutions, sustainable transport and mobility, minimising the carbon footprint of the city. Special attention is given to housing and buildings refurbishment, waste treatment sectors, implementing green and soft adaptation measures to maximise the use of rainwater and green infrastructure… Bratislava’s new Mayor, Matus Vallo, is pushing climate ambition and has a target of zero greenhouse gas emission by 2050.

Bratislava has extensive district heating grids but very little of it sourced by renewable energy, and it hopes to build up capacity for the heating and cooling transition with Decarb City Pipes 2050. Bratislava also hopes to use lessons learned from this project in the update of its heating concept due in 3-4 years. Results from this project will be incorporated in its SECAP 2030 – Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plan for the Covenant of Mayors. Bratislava will be an important ambassador and pioneer of heating and cooling transition in Eastern Europe.



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