Decarb Cities Conference

11 May 2022

MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz, Vienna, Austria

How can cities phase-out fossil fuels from the existing building stock?

The 3rd edition of the Decarb Cities Conference is here! Join us on the 11th and 22nd of May 2022 in Vienna to discuss national and regional energy and climate plans as well as renovation strategies. A special focus will be given on the discussion of renewable solutions for existing buildings and renovation processes.

The conference will provide a platform to present technical and organisational solutions for and from cities, showing a breadth of approaches to replace existing fossil fuel-based technologies with heating systems that use renewable energies and to reduce heat demand.

The current pandemic has shaken European Union’s economies, pushing Member States to implement new instruments to guarantee stability and security. To tackle climate change, the European Union and its citizens need to redefine what energy stability and security mean. A volatile and unpredictable gas market underlines this urgency to phase-out fossil fuels from our economies. Only a combination of a reduction of the energy demand and massive deployment of local and renewable technologies ensures energy security for all. A well-planned and executed heat transition, driven by local needs and resources, and supported by national and European actors, can provide energy security for all, halt climate change and improve quality of life.

The Decarb Cities conference will showcase how cities can succeed in this challenge and define clear delivery pathways for future-proof urban heating and cooling solutions. 

By bringing together energy and city policymakers and planners, building operators, social housing companies and major players of the heating and cooling industry, we will provide clear recommendations to support cities in replacing fossil fuel-based solutions and move to cleaner and renewable solutions in the heating and cooling sector.

Interested in this event? Find out about the full programme here and register here (free registration for cities!)

This conference is co-organised by Energy Cities, the city of ViennaEHPA, and Wärmepumpe Austria.